Don't Skip Your Biannual Dental Cleanings: Here's Why

Plenty of people go without regular visits to the dentist, and only seek out professional help when they feel it’s necessary. However, your biannual dental cleanings are more than just a chance to clear away plaque and tartar. They’re an opportunity to get checked for tooth decay, cavities, periodontal disease, and even oral cancer. If you’ve been holding off on your dental cleanings, now’s the time to begin scheduling them again. 

At Esthetic Smiles in Oxnard, California, Dr. John Abajian and his compassionate team of hygienists provide biannual teeth cleaning for patients that includes a complete oral health exam.

The importance of regular dental cleanings 

Dental visits for a professional cleaning and check-up may not feel urgent, but they’re necessary. Going too long without a cleaning can put you at risk for a number of conditions, including: 

Your dentist is the only one who can thoroughly clean your teeth. There are many places in your mouth that you cannot sufficiently reach, and dentists’ tools are specially designed to scrape away tough tartar buildup

A dental cleaning is more than just a cleaning, though. Many threatening conditions are asymptomatic at first, which means only a dentist can recognize them before they become an issue. You might not think anything of an occasional twinge in a tooth or tender gums, but your dentist will recognize these issues and diagnose their cause before they become problematic. 

How to step up your oral hygiene at home 

While we’ve already touched on the importance of dental cleaning, many people are still hesitant to make the trip to the dentist. In these cases, intense dental care at home is the best way to protect your teeth and gums. 

You can improve your oral hygiene routine by:

Following these guidelines can help you keep your oral health on track even if you’ve missed a dental cleaning for whatever reason. However, nothing can replace a professional cleaning. Skipping more than one appointment can mean missing out on a thorough oral exam as well, meaning issues that could be caught early might have a chance to develop into painful and costly problems.

If you think it’s past time to get your teeth cleaned and examined, get in touch with Dr. Abajian. You can schedule a consultation by calling us at 805-250-5107, or request an appointment online

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