Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Your Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you getting teeth whitening done by a professional? You’re going to love your results and want to keep your new, whiter smile as long as possible. To do that, you need to plan your eating and drinking habits to avoid stains.

At Esthetic Smiles in Oxnard, California, Dr. John Abajian provides chairside and take-home teeth whitening to brighten and lighten your smile. Here’s how to keep those effects longer.

Typical reasons for tooth discoloration 

While tooth discoloration can have contributing factors such as your age, overall health, and genetics, many tooth stains are simply the byproduct of what you consume and how well you care for your teeth on a daily basis.  

Lifestyle habits

Daily habits such as tobacco use (whether you smoke, vape, or chew tobacco products) can seriously stain your teeth. So can regular consumption of coffee and tea, especially if you’ve got a cup by your elbow at all hours to stay caffeinated or calm.


If you eat and drink anything with a high acid level, it can slowly eat away at the enamel on your teeth. This etching weakens your tooth structure, and can let stains seep down into the inner surfaces. Rinsing your mouth after acid-heavy food or drink can help.

7 food and drink categories that stain your teeth

You can help minimize stains from foods and drinks by avoiding or minimizing these substances:

1. Dark soft drinks

Cola from a glass, can, or bottle can severely stain your teeth. Hold a straw inside your mouth behind your front teeth to help the drink go inside your mouth without washing over the front-facing surfaces of your teeth.

2. Coffee and tea

As mentioned, coffee and tea are common culprits when it comes to teeth staining, usually because they’re a habitual drink consumed throughout the day. Try to drink water in between cups of your favorite beverage to minimize stains.

3. Dark beers

Extremely dark beer can contribute to stains, so make sure you brush and rinse well after a night out at the bar with friends.

4. Red wine

Drinking alone at home can also have its risks, as red wine can stain teeth to an extreme level. Make sure you swap out with water, and brush well before retiring for the night.

5. Dark fruits

Richly colored fruits like cherries; red, blue, and purple berries; and other dark fruits can cause vivid stains on your teeth. 

6. Acidic fruits

The citrus family has lots of ascorbic acid that can etch your teeth and leave them vulnerable to stains. Rinse your mouth after eating oranges, limes, lemons, pineapples, or other high-acid fruits.

7. Condiments

Finally, watch out for dark-colored or high-acid condiments. Culprits include soy sauce, curry sauces, and vinegar, which should all be triggers for a good oral hygiene session.

Avoiding these foods and drinks can help you extend the lifespan of your professional tooth whitening procedure. If you simply must consume them, frequent tooth brushing and mouth rinsing can help mitigate their effects. 

Interested in professional teeth whitening? Call our office for an appointment today. 

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