What to Expect when Choosing Invisalign®

Before Invisalign®, a perfect smile was something you were born with or achieved through a mouth full of metal and rubber bands. Clear aligners provide a completely different experience. At Esthetic Smiles in Oxnard, California, Dr. John Abajian provides consultations and Invisalign treatment for qualified candidates.

How Invisalign works 

Invisalign works similarly to braces, but without all of the downsides. Traditional braces are bulky, fixed in place, and make it difficult to eat, brush your teeth, or even smile confidently. Invisible aligners are designed to be removable and virtually invisible, so you can lead a normal life and still enjoy the benefits of a perfect smile. 

Your Invisalign treatment starts with an impression of your teeth. Once your aligners are manufactured and shipped back to our office, you’ll have another appointment to make sure they fit properly, and you can begin wearing them. Each set of aligners is designed to move your teeth incrementally. You’ll need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day, including while you sleep.  

What to expect from Invisalign 

Invisalign is a very different experience from braces, so many people walk into their consultation with a lot of concerns. If you have any questions about your Invisalign aligners, Dr. Abajian will be happy to answer them, but here are the basics of what you can expect:

Does Invisalign hurt? 

No. You might experience some mild discomfort or soreness while adjusting to your new aligners, but this is because they’re putting pressure on your teeth. Any discomfort should go away once you get used to your treatment, and there’s no risk of wires poking at your gums or mouth. 

Can I eat with my aligners on? 

Preferably not. You really shouldn’t eat with your aligners on, since this can damage them and affect the fit. Invisalign aligners are removable, so taking them out while you eat is easy, and then you can brush your teeth or rinse your mouth and put them right back in.

Are there any foods I should avoid? 

No, since your aligners are fully removable. This means that nothing is off-limits regarding your diet, as long as you take your aligners out first. Just remember to rinse your mouth and put them back in after eating — they need to be in place for at least 20 hours a day, and preferably more. 

How do I care for my aligners? 

Unlike braces, which require you to brush around the brackets and wires, your aligners only require basic cleaning. Take them out, rinse them with cold water, and brush them with some toothpaste every day. If you need a more thorough cleaning, you can ask about the Invisalign Cleaning System.

To learn more about Invisalign and determine if it’s right for you or your child, get in touch with Dr. Abajian. You can schedule a consultation by calling us at 805-250-5107, or request an appointment online

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