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Symptoms of Poor Dental Care

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Dr. John Abajian
Symptoms of Poor Dental CarePoor dental health is hazardous to your health. Once you ignore dentists' advice on measures to maintain good health for your teeth and your mouth in general, you sign up for the long-term implications of its effects. Here we discuss some of the common symptoms of poor dental care.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding or swollen gums manifest as a result of underlying dental conditions. During brushing, you may experience chronic or persistent bleeding of the gums due to the injury of the swollen and tender gums. We advise an immediate dental checkup at our offices once you notice bleeding gum, which may indicate underlying dental complications. Treatment of your gums, therefore, inhibits the underlying condition from spreading to its severity stages.

Tooth Pain

Persistent tooth pain results in discomfort and should be intervened at its early stages. Most people ignore tooth pain and hope that it disappears after some time. However, that's not always the case, as tooth pain may result from tooth decay which, when left untreated, results in tooth and bone loss. Furthermore, chipped and crooked teeth are associated with painful teeth and improper fittings on the teeth. All these need dental checkups; hence never ignore them.

Bad Breath

A foul odor is commonly known as halitosis and is brought about by poor dental care. Not drinking sufficient water and consuming sugary and acidic beverages contribute to bad breath. Dentists advise brushing teeth after consuming sugary foods to eliminate the sugar contents and prevent bacteria invasion activities in the mouth.

Mouth Sores

Unusual patches and lumps in the mouth, tongue, or gums result from oral cancer infections. Therefore, poor dental care results in complications requiring dentists' checkups to determine their cause and, ultimately, their treatment procedures.

If you experience similar signs and symptoms, please visit our dentist for further checkups and treatments. Call us today to book an appointment.

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