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Dentistry for Kids Oxnard CA

Our team at Esthetic Smiles can meet all of your child's dental care needs in Oxnard, including preventative and restorative dental services for your child's baby teeth.

Most children receive their first tooth at around six months of age. Every child is a little different though and some children may receive their first tooth a little earlier or later.

Your child should have at least a few teeth by their first birthday and all of their baby teeth should be present by their third birthday.

The average child will lose their first baby tooth at around six years old.

The first tooth to fall out is almost always in the front and is generally one of the central incisors.

If they lose their first tooth a few months sooner, this is okay as well.

Your child will continue to gradually lose their baby teeth and develop their primary teeth until they are around 12 years old.

Importance of brushing and flossing

While your child's final set of teeth may seem more important than their baby teeth, this is not the case.

Their secondary teeth must last them the rest of their life, making them very important.
However, a healthy set of baby teeth is important for developmental processes that will affect your child for their entire life.

Because they are so important, you and your child need to know how to care for their baby teeth.

You will need to brush your child's teeth for them for the first few years since they may not have the coordination to do it themselves.

Adorable and young Black girl sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her older white dentist and white dental assistant at Esthetic Smiles in Oxnard, CAUse a tiny amount of toothpaste and gently brush.

Like adults, children typically need to brush twice a day.

As they get older, you can teach your child how to brush their own teeth.

You may still need to supervise them, especially early on, but they will eventually be able to brush their teeth on their own.

The use of fluoride is excellent for your child's teeth and does not cause any harm to kids.

When your child is less than three years old, use a smear-size of fluoride toothpaste.

After three years of age, you may use a pea-size amount of toothpaste that contains fluoride to brush your child's teeth.

Fluoride contributes to the prevention of tooth decay and preserves the strength of the teeth. Feel free to ask our dentists about the use of fluoride if you have any questions.

Importance of early childhood dental care

The habits that your child develops during their early years can affect them for the rest of their life.

It is important that they develop positive practices and feel responsible for their actions. This is especially true when it comes to their health and oral hygiene.

Our team at Esthetic Smiles strives to provide your child with a positive experience during their dental visits and educate them on ways to better care for their teeth.

If you would like to learn more about this process and are ready for our team to help you in this journey, then it is time to come see us in Oxnard.

You can schedule your child's appointment by calling us at 805-365-4222.

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