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Tooth Fillings in Oxnard, CA

Dental fillings are used to "fill" a cavity.

Cavities are tiny holes in a tooth, mainly caused by tooth decay.

What usually happens is that the dentist eliminates the decayed part of the tooth and fills the space left (hole) with a filling material.

Harmful bacteria in the mouth are the main cause of tooth decay. These bacteria produce acids or toxins that weaken the tooth enamel, resulting in a cavity.

Adverse tooth decay destroys the entire tooth, leading to severe infections and, lastly, tooth loss. You can prevent cavity formation if you practice good oral hygiene, like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily.

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Types of Filling Materials Available

Dental filling materials come in various types ranging from gold, tooth-colored, porcelain, and silver amalgam to composite resin fillings.

Our dentist will recommend the best filling type for you based on the affected area, decay severity, filling material's cost, and insurance coverage.

The most durable, pleasing, and elegant fillings are gold. These fillings can last for more than 15 years without rusting, and they withstand chewing forces.

Unfortunately, gold fillings are more expensive and can result in galvanic shock. Besides, you must visit your dentist more often than any other type of filling.

Silver amalgam fillings are also hard-wearing since they can serve you for over ten years. The fillings tolerate chewing forces and are less expensive than gold fillings.

However, their aesthetics are poor because they don't blend with your natural tooth color. The fillings can form a grayish hue around the tooth structure.

Tooth-colored fillings fit perfectly with the tooth structure, offering extra support. These filings are available in various colors; thus, you can match them closely with your existing tooth color.

These tooth-colored composite fillings are mainly used to repair broken, chipped, or worn teeth. Their drawback is that they don't last for an extended period and are more expensive.

One drawback is these fillings cause chipping and can take a bit more time to be filled.

Tooth Filling Procedure

During your dental filling procedure, our dentist will apply an anesthetic to numb the affected area that surrounds your tooth before the actual filling process starts.

After that, the dentist will remove the decayed part of your tooth using a drill, laser, or air abrasion instrument.

The kind of instrument used depends on the equipment available, and the extent of decay and location in your mouth.

If there are still some decayed parts left, your dentist will go ahead and remove them.

The doctor will wash the cavity to get rid of debris and bacteria. If the decay touches the root, your dentist will place a liner to protect the nerves.

Finally, we will fill the cavity and polish the filling.

If you want tooth-colored fillings, they need further steps once we are through with eliminating the decay and cleaning the cavity.

The tooth-colored materials are applied in layers, and the dentist cures or hardens every layer using a special light.

After the multi-layering procedure, the dentist shapes and polishes the filling to achieve the desired result by trimming off excess material.

Tooth Fillings in Oxnard

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