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Your smile says much about you and what others perceive of you. When your smile is bright, even, and looks healthy, it gives you confidence. Nonetheless, imperfections can occur that cause you to lose the luster of your smile. Misshapen teeth, chips, unsightly gaps, or even discolorations can cause you to begin hiding your smile. If you have unwanted flaws in your smile, you can talk with our cosmetic dentist at Esthetic Smiles to find out if veneers can help. We have helped many patients just like you.

Our dentist can fabricate and mount customized porcelain veneers to your front teeth to create a healthy, natural-looking smile. We utilize the latest techniques in veneer placement and quality veneer materials to see that you have great and lasting results. While veneers can be fabricated from various materials, we primarily like working with porcelain restorations because of its durability, color-matched appearance, and customization.

What Are Veneers?

Since veneers are very thin shells, they do not require much preparation or filing down of the tooth. As a result, more of the natural structure of the tooth is preserved. Veneers help promote better long-term dental aesthetics and health. Our dentist fits them over the front areas of teeth to conceal imperfections. Veneers are often considered for the front teeth, where dental flaws like cracks or discolorations cause more anxiety and self-esteem issues.

Types of Veneers

Different types of veneers are available for you to choose from. There are composite veneers that help conceal mild cosmetic issues. These are color-matched to the shade of teeth and utilize the same material that fabricates dental bonding. Composite veneers are applied directly on the tooth without having to fabricate them from a dental lab. However, they are not as strong as porcelain veneers. Although affordable, the composite veneer lifespan is shorter, lasting about five to seven years.

On the other hand, porcelain veneers are molded in the lab using material that mimic natural teeth. They are highly stain-resistant and require less long-term maintenance. Porcelain veneers last around 10 to 15 years.

We also have no-prep veneers and snap-on veneers. The no-prep veneers are a less invasive option since very minimal tooth preparation is done, meaning very little enamel removal is carried out. Removable veneers or snap-ons can be removed anytime. They work to hide imperfections, though due to their removable nature, they can make it challenging to eat and may impact speech.

When you visit our cosmetic dentist, we explain to you the various veneer options available and why you may opt for one over another. Different patients have different cosmetic goals. Therefore, after listening to your needs, our dentist will decide what veneer treatment best works for your case.

Who Needs Veneers?

People needing to elevate the appearance of their smiles can explore veneers as an option. Our dentist can recommend them to people with issues such as teeth that are too small, misshapen teeth, gaps or spaces between teeth (diastema), and chipped or broken teeth.

For those with teeth staining that has failed to improve with teeth whitening, veneers can camouflage stains. To be able to receive veneers, you should be free of gum disease and extensive cavities. In cases where serious oral issues are found, they need to be treated before exploring cosmetic treatment.

Benefits of Veneers

From smile appearance to ease of maintenance to preservation of tooth structure, veneers provide various benefits. They allow minimal prep, as much of the tooth structure remains intact compared to when using dental crowns. Further, they fix a range of imperfections, from discoloration to small cracks, chippings, gapping issues, or even breaks.

Porcelain veneers can resist staining much more than your natural teeth can. They do not require any additional care and maintenance; just maintain proper oral hygiene and limit foods that can discolor the restoration. Although veneers resist stains, they are not completely stain-resistant. A big plus with veneers is that they are tooth-colored and can blend flawlessly with your natural teeth to provide lifelike results.

How Are Veneers Placed?

First, our dentist does a consultation to evaluate you for the restorations. It is prudent to establish whether veneers can serve your dental needs. After that, the dentist obtains digital impressions for crafting the veneers. The restorations are custom-crafted in a lab. If composite veneers are to be placed, these are applied directly. They are painted on the teeth in layers and cured with special light. The dentist evens out the tooth by polishing the finished veneers to attain the desired look.

When you visit us for the second appointment, our dentist shaves a little part of the enamel, particularly the front and side of the affected tooth. The filing down of the front gives the veneers room and a rough surface where they can bond securely to your tooth. The dentist makes any adjustments to see that the restoration matches your smile perfectly. Depending on what veneer type you choose, the steps might be a little different. We discuss everything with you so that you know what to expect.

How To Care For Veneers

No special care is needed for veneers. You just brush and floss as normal and visit the dentist for checkups and cleanings. When brushing, utilize a soft-bristle brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. When flossing, do it carefully to avoid pulling the veneer up or dislodging it when lifting up the floss thread.

To see that your veneers endure for long, avoid biting directly into crunchy or hard things like carrots or hard candy. Further, avoid dark-colored foods and drinks like red wine, berries, tea, and coffee. Over time, they can still stain the veneers. In fact, the composite resin veneers stain more easily than the porcelain veneers.

Why Choose Esthetic Smile For Veneers In Oxnard

Visit us at Esthetic Smiles to get evaluated for veneers. We have a highly trained, experienced, and trusted team that works to revamp smiles. Your veneers are customized just for you to ensure a proper, secure fit and comfort.

We utilize quality materials and the latest technologies in cosmetic dentistry to get effective and lasting results. Our 3D imaging solutions, including digital x-rays, allow us to provide precise treatments with predictable results. Contact us at 805-365-4222 to schedule your appointment today.

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