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Why Choose a Cosmetic Dentist? Oxnard CA

Woman smiling with white teeth.Of all of the fields in today’s medical community, one of the ones which has advanced the most in recent years is, without a doubt, dentistry. And just as with many other practices, the dental field is broken up into many different specialties. One of those specialized practices is cosmetic dentistry. This is where teeth and gums which have an unappealing or damaged appearance are restored through various treatment methods.

At our office here at Esthetic Smiles, we have provided dental cosmetic therapy to countless patients and we would be happy to offer the same to you. Here are some of the many reason people opt for cosmetic treatments:

To Restore the Look of Your Teeth

The main (but not sole) purpose of cosmetic dentistry is oftentimes to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums in the least intrusive and inconvenient way possible. Sometimes the problems are easily fixed with one visit to the dentist. Other times may require a more involved and lengthy process. The fact of the matter is that how little or how much treatment you need depends on your individual situation.

To Restore the Function of Your Teeth

It is not only a matter of looks when it comes to cosmetic dentistry; it is also a matter of function as well. When teeth are decayed or damaged or lost due to poor oral health, a genetic condition, a medical condition or medication, as well as through an accident or some other form of oral trauma it not only affects the way they look, it can also affect the way they work. Cosmetic treatments can replace or repair your damaged or missing teeth while also significantly adding to the strength and security of your existing teeth.

To Restore Your Confidence

Having a nice smile and a full set of teeth (especially in the visible portion of your mouth) is crucial to being able to function without shame or embarrassment. Many times people who have damaged or lost teeth tend to avoid social gatherings and other settings where they may have to interact with others face to face. This can lead to a complete loss of social activity over time and ultimately, depression.

For a Variety of Options

Not only does cosmetic dentistry offer viable, long term solutions to your dental issues, it also provides a number of options so that each, individual patient can find the right treatment for their condition. Whether it is a veneer to cover the front portion of a damaged tooth or a crown or implant to replace a missing one, today’s techniques and technology can help you get back not only your old smile, but the sense of self-assurance that goes with it.

To learn more about how cosmetic dentistry may be able to help you with your oral health issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Esthetic Smiles. Our dental experts are well-versed in a number of procedures and techniques to improve your smile. Our clinic in Oxnard, CA can be reached by dialing 805-365-4222.

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Why Choose a Cosmetic Dentist? • Esthetic Smiles
At our offices here at Esthetic Smiles, we have provided dental cosmetic therapy to countless patients and we would be happy to offer the same to you.
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