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Wisdom Teeth Removal Oxnard CA

Woman looking in the mirror before getting her wisdom teeth extracted at Esthetic Smiles in Oxnard, CA In general, it is the goal to help our patients save and protect their teeth whenever possible. In some instances, extraction or the removal of teeth is the best option for protecting your oral health. This includes teeth that are damaged beyond repair, extra teeth, and teeth that are impacted. One of the most commonly impacted sets of teeth are the third row of molars known as the wisdom teeth. At Esthetic Smiles, we will evaluate your wisdom teeth and make recommendations that are specific to you, which may include the extraction of your wisdom teeth.

Our molars are the large flat teeth in the back of our mouth, they are designed to mash and break down food. This is unlike the front teeth which are designed for biting. We have three rows of molars including the furthest back, known as the wisdom teeth. They gain their name from their late arrival, often breaking the gumline in late adolescence or early adulthood. Wisdom teeth are known for being problematic, their issues include:

•  Insufficient Room: For many, there is simply not enough room on the jawline to fit the wisdom teeth. This can cause a lot of problems, the teeth may twist or turn below the gumline, push other teeth out of the way above the gumline, or just get stuck and be unable to fully move.
•  Impacted: An impacted tooth is a tooth that is unable to fully come up into position. The amount of impaction can vary greatly, but any amount of impaction means a tooth that will have space in the gum tissue for bacteria to settle. An impacted tooth is much more likely to become a diseased tooth.
•  Disease: Impacted or not, the wisdom teeth are much more susceptible to disease. This is because their distance makes it more difficult to brush, floss and keep clean. Plaque and tartar can easily hide.

During your dental cleaning and exam, we will review the status of your wisdom teeth and make recommendations based on what we see. In most cases, we will recommend extraction

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Extractions are completed once the patient is comfortable with the anesthesia that is discussed before treatment is completed. Extractions are often uncomfortable, and we do our best to help ease any discomfort.

Dental extractions are categorized as either non-surgical or surgical. A non-surgical extraction is when the tooth is fully intact, and we are able to use our tools to fully grasp and lift the tooth out of position cleanly. In most cases, wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical extraction. A surgical extraction is completed by making cuts into the gum tissue and then quartering the tooth and removing it in pieces, sometimes bone is also removed and sutures are used to close tissue. Following your wisdom teeth extraction, we will provide you with care instructions including what to expect and what may be a symptom of a larger issue. We ask that you seek immediate medical treatment if symptoms of infection or unordinary bleeding occur.

For more information on the extraction of wisdom teeth, contact our Oxnard office at 805-365-4222.

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